You will have the best trip ever

Thank you for visiting my website. This will be an experience like no other. You will not see deals and specials, groups and destinations like on other sites. YOU WILL experience my story. My passion for travel which started with my first trip to the Bahamas with my parents Edward and Nancy Smith.

Knowledge I HAVE gained help me plan wonderful travel experiences for you. Once I had a client wanting to visit their daughter in Australia after her abroad studies were concluded. I heard about a seminar in Oakland California (west coast) on Australia and I hoped a plane from New Jersey (east coast) to attend and gain knowledge on Down Under. They had a spectacular trip which made them trust me with all subsequent travel adventures.

THE inspiration for visiting all 7 continents came from Edith McClinton author of the book, "Scars from a Lynching" During the interview for publishing her novel she revealed to me that she only had Antarctica to complete her quest. I started my quest in 1998 with a trip to Australia followed by Europe (London and Italy), Asia (China) , Africa (Ghana and South Africa), North America (Canada), South America (Columbia, Argentina) and completed in 2019 Antarctica

Study to show they self-approved is a quote found in 2 Timothy in the bible. Over the course of my travel career, I have completed specialist courses in destinations (Australia, Bahamas, Jamaica, St Lucia, Puerto Rico, Japan, Dubai, Malta) hotel companies (Karisma, Marriott, AMR resorts, La Collection) the cruise industry (Elite Cruise Counselor, Quark Expeditions and Riviera Cruise Line) to ensure I am the BEST person to plan your travel experiences.

Pack for a Purpose is an organization which encourages saving room in your suitcase when you travel enabling you to donate to local charities in the destinations that you visit. I participate in this program and take it a step further I also donate from every booking I make to local charities in the United States. Your TRIP booked with us will have a double benefit making it the best trip EVER.